Tuesday, January 11

Food on our mind . Tidbits

Our Favourite "BUN TIKKI"(..another word for a Burger ) snack halt on way to Nainital.

Pine wood all around...open plan kitchen..and a wooden floor
Friend's place in Nainital Distt.

Tea time, sandwiches...amid bird calls and cool mountain air.

After breakfast on the lawns of a hotel in Udaipur

Mirror work, fresh leaves adorn this sofa in the restaurant of the resort in the Runn of Kutch.
Morning at Narkanda
The Shivalik range in the background

Garden fresh Galgal for home-made pickle
Khopa Village, Distt. Nainital.

Pizzeria, Marine Drive, Bombay

Restaurant in the middle of the sea !
Actually , in knee deep water.
Tarkarli, Konkan coast,  Maharashtra.

Manchav Soup...
Minnistoni Soup....
And it would be a crime not to savour the CRIME OF TOMATO SOUP.
Good Luck !

Chopsi and Sizzlaar at your service.

Apples at the Lakeside View Resort at Narkanda.

Morning tea at Narkanda

Sun burnt and hungry--at Kalpa, Himachal Pradesh.

This family gifted us fresh pears and apples.
Kalpa, Himachal Pradesh .

Lake View Resort, Narkanda. Family owned and run place, with some real nice, fresh home made food.

Hot Thupka, Momos and Noodles being awaited. Small, clean, cozy little 5 table room/restaurant in Kalpa.

Hmm.. Paronda and Poeedige sound nice in the cold, cold weather of  Tabo, Spiti.

This little German Bakery at the TABO Monastery -- run by a local Buddhist chap, had the yummiest Chocolate cake wedges. And Apple Pie..and more chocolate delicacies..and still more chocolate...
Spiti Valley.

Time for a Walnut munching session during a trek at Kalpa.

The self proffessed 'Golu monk' (Golu as in chubby ! He said he used to be quite plump as a kid and all the kids in the village used to lovingly call him Golu ) at the Komick Monastery made us tea, with Yak milk, and lots of love, in his warm, cozy little room.
Komick happens to be the highest inhabited village in the world. Bordering Tibet.

The GOLU Monk at Komick Monastery .
He also gifted us an amonnite fossil.
Probably serving as a Hostel Warden in Delhi now.




                                                           In Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


Tropic of Cancer is PASSING from here :P

Around 100 Kms from Ahmedabad, towards Jaipur


                                                                        Ladakh                               And we went to or through most of  these places. Including ZING ZING BAR !


One of the coldest parts of the journey to Ladakh. Just two three dhabas/ road-side restaurants here.
Momos, tea, biscuits and omlettes..... and food, if ordered an hour in advance. Adventurous  bikes stop here for night halts on their way to or from Leh. All non-veg food is Mutton based. Poultry doesn't survive at this altitude !


                               The Baralacha La. Pass at 16500 Ft above sea level. Freezing  cold !


                                          Kashmir begins here.. from the Manali- Leh Road side.




These loops used to be notorious for their danger. Steep climb and continous twists and turns made it difficult for drivers and passengers . When we went up these loops, we did not experience much discomfort , though the sudden ascent in altitude takes you by surprise !


                               Army stationed at one of the most difficult terrain in the country .

Pumpernicle German Bakery .ITALIAN, CHINESE and CONTINENTAL
Specialize in Tofu Foods
                                                       ((In  LEH BAZAAR !! ))


Almost Home.......


                                                                      Go Slow !
                                                                    In  Maharashtra.

                                            Attari post, Wagah Border, Near Amritsar.


                                                    Sardar Ji ka FAMOUS Murge ka Achaar !!!!
                                                     On way to Nainital. Photo by Himangshu .


                                                          Driving through Spiti Valley .


                      A well preserved Mummy of a Lama lies in a little village in Spiti. Village named Giu . The Mummy was unearthed..literally..after some tremors shook loose the earth around very old Stupas.
The Mummy is still in perfect condition, without the help of any chemicals or other techniques.


                                                                          KA village :)
                                                                          Spiti Valley